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“I’ve been implementing LOGICTRAC™ into our language and process since the end of last year, and have experienced game changing results.”David Stryzewski, Simplicity Scottsdale’s #1 Advisor

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Get prospects to engage or hire you before you do planning work or solution development for them

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Expert one-on-one coaching and custom-tailored proprietary strategies to remove competition from the equation, empower others to grow your business, capitalize on unknown resources, create uncontested market space, and dominate your market!  With our proprietary LOGICTRAC™ Marketing and Sales Process you will bring high net worth prospects to the realization that they need your help to make fact based decisions.

The Member Access section of our website contains proprietary sales and marketing files to use and learn from and you will have phone calls with Bill Johnson who for over 30 years has provided leadership to the financial services industry and since 2002 has been providing world class marketing consultation and coaching to many of the top financial services producers in the United States.

You also receive help with any business problem and the steps you need to take to quickly jumpstart your business, dramatically improve your response rates to any form of marketing, get new ideas to grow your prospect list at little or no cost, get assistance in implementing our proven marketing and sales strategies including our LOGICTRAC™ process, powerful Tax Discovery system, Emotional Referral strategy, Give Until it Hurts no longer applies Charity strategy, CPA Checklist Referral system, Dynamic Real Estate Referral process, and Attorney Client Discovery process.

You will also receive sales process training to help motivate and close your prospect and stop the “think about it” mentality of prospects.  Also get powerful wording and phrasing to use on your website and in marketing pieces.  If you do seminars, we help you attract high quality prospects through our invitations and our seminar content helps you dramatically improve your appointment ratio and significantly lower or eliminate your no-shows or cancellations.  We even help your office staff to improve appointment setting, productivity and efficiency.

Discover how LOGICTRAC™ has helped advisors like you:

  • 70-100% Appointment Ratio
  • Little to zero No Shows
  • Very high Quality of Prospects attending
  • 70+% Closing Ratio
  • $700k+ Average Case Size (some $1 mil+)
  • Getting high quality Referrals from clients with some at 60+% of their business from referrals
  • Getting multiple Professionals & Organizations to refer their best clients!
  • LOGICTRAC™ users gets the prospect to sign our engagement letter and gets them to establish a client relationship before doing any planning work or solution development.